Real men don’t like to play and it’s time to man-up and deal with the self-tie bow tie.

Bow tie is an accessory that radiates class and sophistication. The bow tie is designed for the man who likes to live outside his comfort zone and always wants to go the extra mile.

The self-tie bow tie is considered to be perfect for not being perfect. Sometimes, it looks uneven or asymmetric, but this exact feature offers a great attitude to your flawless and polished look. Its imperfection is what makes it incomparable.

You only need a self-tied bow tie and a few attempts trying to learn how to tie it, while watching a tutorial on YouTube. But, believe me, it is easier than you could ever imagine. After that, you would probably have a hard time wearing a pre-tied bow tie again, as the pay off  is well worth the try.

The most common outfit a bowtie is used to be worn is at formal occasions, like when the dress code is Black Tie.

Today, I chose to create a semi-formal or even casual outfit wearing a bow tie. An outfit that one could wear from being a groom himself, to occasions that just wants to break the “fashion rules” and likes to spice his look up.

I chose to wear a light grey made-to-measure suit by Christakis, that looks good in any semi-formal or casual occasion in a discreet striped pattern.

What, really, enhanced the whole outfit was the blue self-tie bow tie, while providing a sharp, yet flirty accent, just like my mood.

chistakis_grey_suit-4 chistakis_grey_suit-5 chistakis_grey_suit-7 chistakis_grey_suit-8 chistakis_grey_suit-11 chistakis_grey_suit-13 chistakis_grey_suit-15

Total look by Christakis

Photography by MaRaDinn.Photography.Art

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