Photograhy: Andreas Souchis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

The utilitarian appeal of the new Safari jacket cycling the streets of Athens in good style.

All in Good Style

I’ve always been an avid believer that whatever one does, it all should be done in good style.

Hence my conviction, over these past 5 years, to maintain this approach in each image or bit of writing that comes out. I’ve found that this kind of energy can go from contagious to enjoyably initiating. So, if there’s one piece of advice I won’t stop repeating is for you to do it all in good style. From a Sunday bike ride to a busy day at the office or a walk out in the wild, good style shapes my mood and gives me a reason to go out of my door each morning. Needless to say, for good style to work one hardly needs to spend a fortune, rather invest in smart, easy to pair selections.

The Utilitarian Appeal of the New Safari Jacket

Biking the streets of Athens this Sunday in my vintage Riviera Runner ride, I went for the ease and utilitarian appeal of the new Safari Jacket by Christakis.

A garment that can take you from daytime to cocktail hour, clean, classic, simple, a breeze to combine with polos, sure to keep you looking (and feeling) your coolest. You may be heading no further than the city limits, but it’s quite safe to know that with the new Safari jacket you’ll be sartorially on point if do you need to explore the wilderness this summer. My Christakis In-house tailored piece of an “un-blazer” is made entirely of linen and comes in beige, blue and khaki (pictured here). Armed with four rounded double puff pleat pockets, which make it incredibly useful when you’re on the go, it works well in the city as it would on the savanna.

The Look

Whether you’re a creative career gent going out or a city rider in search of unrivaled practicality and style, an investment in the new Safari jacket -mark my words- will be an enduring one. I chose to combine my new Safari jacket with a handmade button-down checkered shirt by Christakis, a blue nautical print tie and ready to wear denim by GANT. A pair of handmade single monk strap kicks by KWNSTANTINOS and the necessary to all cyclists knitted gloves were sure to upgrade my city good style and commute while giving me a polished geek out on accessories.

Get The Look

Safari Jacket It’s a MAN’s Class by Christakis Athens | Shirt Christakis Athens | Denim Pants by Gant | Single Monk Strap Shoes Handmade by Kwnstantinos

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