You have probably noticed that I adore white shirts. White shirts are classy and elegant, while being suitable for any occasion. You could wear a white shirt from smart business and casual to Black Tie. A clothing essential that matches with almost every outfit and promises a fresh yet severe result.


Having plenty of options, wearing mostly white shirts, doesn’t mean you always have to look the same. The collar, the style, the fabric, the buttons, the accessories are some things that make a shirt unique.

At today’s post I chose to present you six different styles of white shirts, handmade by Christakis. All shirts are made of high quality two ply swiss poplin, a dressy and elegant fabric.

The pleated front white shirt
The pleated front dress shirt is considered to be one of the most formal shirts. Usually combined with a tuxedo, this kind of shirt is one of the favorite choices when it comes to Black Tie. It has pleats down the front of the shirt and hidden buttons, a feature that makes it ideal for wearing it with a bow-tie.



The covered black button white shirt (left)
The turndown collar shirt, that Christakis use to call it Leco, has covered black buttons. It is considered to be ideal for bow-tie or even going tie-less, because of its modern short edges.

The plastron white shirt (right)
The plastron dress shirt is usually combined with a tuxedo. The winged collar dress shirt is a very dressy option for the most formal of occasions. It is mostly designed to be worn with a bow-tie.



The silk cloth button white shirt (left)
A minimal design with silk cloth buttons, with a cutaway collar, designed to be worn with large tie knots.

The pin collar white shirt (right)
The pin collar is designed to bring the collar tabs closer and prop up the tie know. It is considered to be a more casual choice.




The nehru collar white shirt (left)
The nehru collar with hidden buttons shirt is the ideal choice for summer casual looks. It is designed to be worn tie-less.


As Tom Ford said :

“When I put on a white shirt, it’s the same feeling as getting into crisp, fresh sheets at night. I just feel good in them.”


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Photographer Vasilis Kouroupis

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