“Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version of himself to the world” – TOM FORD

Some days ago I had the pleasure to luxuriate in a private grooming session by TOM FORD specialists and be introduced to men’s skincare and grooming collection.

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An introduction to seduction

TOM FORD’s taint on fashion will always be the luxurious version of sensuality. TOM FORD Beauty embraces the same values and emotions. Sex, Night, Allure, Party, Jet Set, Traveling, modern luxury, exclusive, precious and liberation are the key words that describe the brand’s philosophy.

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TOM FORD Grooming Collection was created by his own belief that when someone dandifies himself, he adds value to his life. The products are based on the products and grooming regimen he uses himself.

Mr. Ford believes that a man could maintain a well-preserved look by using a simple and effective grooming program. Inspired by this and the grooming regimen he uses himself, he created TOM FORD Grooming Collection for Men, consisted of products that a man needs in order to present the best version of himself. These multifunctional products contain lightweight ingredients that are highly efficient and help men manage imperfections and present their most handsome and masculine self.

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While developing TOM FORD for Men, Tom Ford searched for perfect and effective ingredients from Eastern and Wester cultures, that contribute in fighting against skin’s visible effects of the modern life. Making good use of the best herbs, plant extracts, antioxidant and soothing blends, he developed three highly effective complexes for deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation: TOM FORD Purifying Complex, TOM FORD Infusing Complex and TOM FORD Calming Complex.

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The collection

The TOM FORD Purifying Face Cleanser helps to free the skin of dulling and damaging toxins by using plant extracts to promote purification and reduce irritating environmental pollutants. It also helps to minimize skin irritation and redness and create a barrier to defend skin against the visible effects of pollution and toxic stressors. This water-activated, foaming gel cleanser has been developed to condition while it cleanses. It features the Tom Ford Purifying and Skin Calming Complexes to leave skin exceptionally clean without tightness or dryness. Its lightweight formula conditions and hydrates the skin as it unclogs pores and prepares skin for a smooth shave. It rinses beautifully without drying, so your face looks and feels smooth, refreshed and energized.

A hydrating and conditioning moisturizer is essential to achieving well-kept skin. This lightweight, quick-absorbing, skin-mattifying moisturizer uses the Tom Ford Skin Calming and Infusing Complexes with a combination of luxurious butters to hydrate your skin, help reverse dullness and help reduce the look of fine lines and pores. It leaves your face looking toned, polished and reenergized.

An eye treatment is an essential, not a luxury. The eyes are the first part of the face to show signs of aging and fatigue. This multi-beneficial, restorative eye treatment, infused with the Tom Ford Skin Calming and Infusing Complexes, was developed to lift and firm the look of the skin around the eyes, helping to diminish the look of lines and wrinkles. The silver-tip applicator helps to cool the skin to help reduce visible puffiness, leaving eyes looking refreshed and awake.

One of the simplest things a man can do to improve his looks is to combat dry lips and improve their smoothness and texture. This ultra-emollient lip balm contains a unique blend of natural oils, vitamins and butters to soothe and condition. The balm seals in moisture, helping to protect lips from the effects of any kind of weather so they look and feel comfortable.

When your skin is depleted or dry, adding a multifunctional treatment oil into your regimen before moisturizing is one of the simplest ways to energize and regenerate it. This concentrate contains the highest concentration of the Tom Ford Skin Calming and Infusing Complexes, plus essential oils and other enriching natural ingredients. It deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, and it conditions it before shaving and soothes it afterwards. Your skin has fewer fine lines and greater resilience against damage.

A weekly clay mask treatment is integral to a personal grooming routine. This time-signaling Mud Mask was developed to counter the dulling and irritating effects of a busy lifestyle on the skin. As the mask turns light gray, it draws out oil, dirt and toxins and diminishes tension lines. When rinsed off, skin feels clean, hydrated and conditioned and looks revitalized and younger.

Developed to mimic the look of a few minutes of sun on the skin and lift the complexion with a healthy-looking touch of color, the Tom Ford Bronzing Gel is made with a water-based, oil-free formula that blends in easily without masking your skin’s natural features. It features the Tom Ford Skin Calming and Infusing Complexes to calm and comfort the skin. The Bronzing Gel can be used all over the face, or simply swiped onto the places the sun would naturally hit you harder: the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the top of the forehead.

This ultra-luxe shave oil moisturizes, conditions and cushions for a close shave. Soothing and calming, shave oil helps protect skin during shaving and helps soothe the look of irritation while creating an invigorating olfactive experience featuring a unique scent blend. The lightweight formula can be used alone or under shave cream.

Specially-formulated for normal to oily skin, this energizing scrub contains crushed apricot seeds to help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores for clean and polished-looking skin.

Tom Ford brow gelcomb exclusively designed for men’s brows defines brows into a natural, healthy shape essential for the polished and sophisticated look preferred by Mr. Ford.

With a specially designed precision comb and easy-to-use twist up applicator, the lightweight gel easily glides onto hair to tame and set brows into place. In a universally flattering tinted hint of color, the brow gelcomb adds shine and can be used on all hair colors and skin tones.

The key to a well-kept beard is daily grooming and conditioning. This beard oil conditions, softens and nourishes the beard with a lightweight blend of almond, jojoba and grape seed oils as well as Vitamin E. Available in three iconic Tom Ford Private Blend scents: Oud Wood, Neroli Portofino and Tobacco Vanille. Follow by combing with Tom Ford Beard Comb to smooth hair and help disperse oil evenly.


Every man’s face occasionally suffers from redness, blemishes, under-eye circles or razor nicks. These things can be swiftly camouflaged with concealer in a natural-looking way. Tom Ford For Men Concealer is a practical, simple tool: a twist-up stick that is offered in three shades.

Where to get

You may shop TOM FORD Men Skincare and Grooming Collection at Attica-Golden Hall, Attica-City Link and Attica-Tsimiski where you may, also,  meet TOM FORD Private Blend Fragrance Collection.

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