Chania. A dreamy, romantic and beautiful town that incites you to travel back in time the first moment you visit it. The vibe of the old town is almost unaltered, preserving the originality of the place. Beautiful buildings, gorgeous colors and a pure vintage scent…

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Transportation Now & Then

Transportation has always been a fundamental human need. People used to move with carriages, a mean is currently used in Chania only for sightseeing.

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Today, transportation has become safer, quicker and more comfortable and VOLVO XC90 was the ideal vehicle for my trip to Chania. Absolutely elegant and classy as having sophisticated luxurious design, VOLVO XC90 combines comfort with intuitive safety. No wonder why it is the most awarded SUV of the century!

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The look

Having a quite nostalgic, chill and dreamy mood, I chose to wear one of my favorite bespoke pinstripe shirts, combined with beige trousers all by Christakis. The vintage look was completed with an original panama hat by Giannetos.

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