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Sarto Luxury Tailoring. The Greek tailors who shine in Liverpool.

When I heard about Sarto Luxury Tailoring visiting Greece, I was pretty excited to meet them as from the first moment I recognised their elegant and mature style. Classy sartorial made-to-measure garments with the air of Italian finesse, ready to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Sarto’s trunk show took place in the house of Bespoke Athens in order both to introduce their work to the Greek lovers of the sartorial world and to serve their Greek customers, an event that was pretty successful! It’s a MAN’s Class and Volvo welcomed Konstantinos, one of the two founders of Sarto Luxury Tailoring and we discussed about their work, philosophy and vision.

About Sarto

Sarto Luxury Tailoring team provide a full fitting service and create an array of custom-made garments such as suits, shirts, jackets, overcoats and trousers.

It’s been Konstantinos’ lifelong dream to create his own sartorial brand. That dream started taking a more realistic approach a couple of years ago when he met his friend and now business partner Andreas Doukanaris and they started jotting down their business ideas.

Combining nearly two decades of experience working along Savile Row’s finest and luxury contemporary brands, their lust to create something a bit more unique and moreover as the timing felt perfect, they decided to found Sarto Luxury Tailoring to serve the ever increasing demand in the market for extra quality, craftsmanship and customisation.


Their motive to start working with the creation of sartorial garments was their years of experience in this market and their love for creation and customisation. Sarto get inspired by the Italian finesse and time-old English tradition, creating a timeless stylish result.

Their advice is to always provide the tailor with as much information as possible from the beginning of the fitting in terms of what they envision to wear, in order for the tailor to be able to grasp and create something unique down to the finest detail.

Their motto? Walk with style, of course!

Sarto Luxury Tailoring is one of my personal choices, that I highly recommend for both their beautiful style and their kind, yet professional profile. FYI, they can also serve clients in Greece anytime!

Get The Look

Suits by Sarto Luxury Tailoring & Vardas  |  Shirt by Christakis  | Tie by House of KYΔOΣ  |  Pocket Square by Bepsoke Athens 


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