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It’s time to put on a tie. It’s time to experiment and discover your own style. But, the tie is something you should wear consciously.

First impressions – lasting impressions

Your tie is what, when someone meets you, notices first. That’s why it is important to wear it wisely. The right tie could bring out your severe, strong and confident self.

It's a MAN's Class - Tie Tips

Fashion is a matter of proportions

Balance is the key to a flawless appearance. The width and the length of the tie are some things you should take account of.

The length: The tie should just reach the waistband or be slightly shorter.

The width: Over the years, men prefer fashionable slim line suits that match with slim ties. A wide tie combined with a slim line suit would result in a disproportional outfit.

The width of the lapel should also match the width of the tie.
Another significant factor of the width selection is the height and weight of the wearer. A thin man would look sharp with a slim tie, while a large man should not wear a skinny tie.

Having those “rules” in mind, feel free to experiment with every style adapts to your personal temperament.


The era of large and majestic knots is officially over. The four-in-hand knot is considered to be the most appropriate, while it is neither big, nor small and not too even. It is elegant, natural-looking and matches with the majority of the collar types.

Choose the style

At first, you should have in mind that the suit and the shirt have priority on your outfit, because they cover bigger part of your body. This means that you should not wear a suit that you don’t like or doesn’t look good, only because it matches the tie that you want to wear.
Secondarily, the tie should not be very bold and loud, so it would dominate the suit and the shirt. The tie should only complete your outfit. A loud tie would, also, draw attention off your face, which is something unwanted.
The colors should be in harmony. If you choose to mix different patterns, remember that there should be a distance between the sizes of each pattern, to create an appealing result.

It's a MAN's Class - Tie Tips


When it comes to wearing a tie bar, do it properly. First, make sure that the tie bar isn’t wider than your tie. Then, fasten it straight, never at an angle. The perfect placement for a tie bar is between the 3rd and the 4th shirt button.

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” 
—Oscar Wilde


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