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Even on winter and cooler temps, one should look sharp as well.

A short trip is always beneficial. Getting away from demanding responsibilities, organizing a trip to a nearby destination is essential to start the year right, free from stress and everyday routine.


The Trip

These holidays I had the pleasure to visit Arachova, a beautiful alpine village, close to Delphi which was considered to be the navel (Omphalos) of the world by the Greeks. Beautiful nature full of firs with great historical significance, this place constituted the perfect destination for my vacations.

The Ancient sanctuary of Delphi, which is placed along the slope of Mount Parnassus, according to mythology was for many centuries the cultural and religious center and symbol of unity for the Hellenic world. It grew rich as the seat of the oracle that was consulted on important decisions, through the faith of Pythia’s view of the future.


In Delphi, also, one of my favorite greek poets, Angelos Sikelianos, with the support of his wife Eva Palmer, held the Delphic Festival as part of his general effort towards a revival of the “Delphic Idea”. Sikelianos believed that the principles which had shaped classical civilization, if reexamined, could offer spiritual independence and serve as a mean of communication among people.


The Look

In this cold and filled with beautiful energy scenery I chose to wear a super stylish Loro Piana Cashmere double breasted blazer, which is definitely a bold statement. A style characterized by elegance, class and modern minimalism, while it is quite masculine and chic. It is quite flattering as it emphasizes the shoulders, but bigger men should be careful as sometimes they look visually widened.

014_arachova 023_arachova

The double breasted blazer has two parallel columns of buttons and overlapping front laps. Talking about buttons we have 6×2 and 4×2. 6×2 means that the jacket has 6 buttons but only two of them can be fastened. The same rule stands for 4×2. There are 4 buttons with only 2 of which can be fastened. There is also a button inside the jacket that is called anchor that can be fastened at all times.

In order to keep myself warm I sported a 100% merinos wool cardigan, a pair of brown flannel trousers, a woolen fedora hat, a woolen brown scarf and a pair of leather gloves with cashmere lining.

A pair of bespoke green lace-up boots completed my travel look!

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Blazer, shirt, cardigan, trousers & jewelry by TAILOR  |  Bespoke shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos  |  Hat by Giorgio Hatter


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