Photography: Andreas Souchis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

In Greece, winter is hardly an occasional cold day.

Within-season changing from pleasantly warm to rather chilly, and this year’s temps, fluctuating from merely 10 to below Z, are facts of Mediterranean life a sharp looking dresser has to abide by much like death and taxes. Yet no matter where you live, winter means that temperatures won’t be as hot, and if you wish to continue looking good as one can- wearing light layers whenever possible and braving the chills, you’re in for an action plan.

Before you add on one more layer to your already layered looks for cold days, It’s a MAN’s Class has one simple advice for you: simply go for a change in your fabrics, the warm enough alternative for the coolest climes, the wool shirt. For this simple, yet fab dress-hack meets life-saver investment, I only had to consider the house of Petratos. The 1959-established gentlemen’s couturier carries a long tradition in made to measure tailoring and you will find a resplendent array of fabrics, patterns, collars, hems and buttoning to hone your sartorial know-how.

The house of Petratos will clasp your value for money pushbutton with smart weather-appropriate staples which I highly suggest become your go-to in lieu of several ready to wear shirt brands. I went for 2 wool shirts to keep me warm and cozy without having to overwork on my layering, one 100% wool Neapolitan cuff, small spread collar denim shirt, and one wool pied-de-poule Neapolitan cuff vintage club piece. Easy to pair with smart casual and sporty looks -chinos and great denim is just what you need- they really got me into the swing of things as they are a visual clue that keeping warm isn’t just about the clothes a gent wears but exercising his common sense as well.

Simply go for a change in your fabrics, the warm enough alternative for the coolest climes, the wool shirt

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Wool Shirts by Petratos |  Tassel Loafers Tod’s Kalogirou

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November 13, 2019
These shirts look so cute and comfy. I like these shades so much. I wish to add these shirts in my wardrobe. Thanks and keep sharing.
    December 2, 2019
    Glad you like them!