Photography: Michail Androulidakis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Arriving there is what you’re destined for. But don’t hurry the journey at all.

2020 found me on the road to Prespes. After an amazing New Years Eve at Cash Restaurant, at 3am we started our journey to Prespes. Of course, me and my co-driver didn’t drink a drop of alcohol that night, as we had about 7 hrs of driving ahead… The good thing is that at almost 700 km of driving, we might have met one or two other cars on the highway 🙂

Porsche Macan

For Porsche aesthetics is not simply superficial, but always is an expression of the company’s personality.

The distinctive style of Porsche Macan cannot leave you unmoved. This compact SUV combines sportiness, design and everyday practicality.

With its dynamic overall look, the Macan is unmistakably a sports car. Its rear appears extremely powerful. Like a bold line under its own signature, the new characteristic taillight strip emphasises the Porsche logo, enhanced by the new four-point brake lights, both functionally and visually.

The broad shoulders above its rear wheels are reminiscent of the 911. And a further visual demonstration of the roadhugging nature of the Macan.

Its flank is also typically Porsche. From this angle, every muscle appears to be energised – like a predator ready to pounce. Its roof line slopes to the rear just like a coupé, thereby creating a characteristic sports car contour with high aerodynamic quality. The company’s designers call this the Porsche flyline.

It’s given, Porsche Macan 2.0 is an SUV with a sport driving experience. 700km slipped away as the fast and fun to drive Porsche Macan provided an effortless and relaxed driving experience to all four passengers. The four-wheel drive offered lots of grip and the strong performance regardless of road conditions made this long road trip with this beauty feel as easy as pie.

The interior is spacey, comfortable and luxurious. Everything feels refined. The infotainment system has everything you need and the use of the 10.9-inch widescreen is quite easy. Either you want to play music straight from your phone’s playlist or via Spotify is simple as ABC and the sound quality is delightful. All four seats are super comfortable and there is quite a lot of space for luggage (we all know how many outfits a lady needs to carry with her on a 4-day trip 🙂 )

The Trip

Prespes is an aquatic paradise!

When you reach this place you behold a great natural beauty. A leafy landscape with a rich fauna and flora treasure, a hidden gem that calls for exploration. There are are two lakes in Prespes, the Small and the Great Prespa shared by three countries: Greece, Albania and North Macedonia.

We stayed at Agios Germanos, a small village that has preserved all of the stone houses. Agios Germanos is 7 km from the lakes, with a great panorama view of the whole area. We found a beautiful and warm guesthouse, with spacey rooms and received great hospitality from the friendly and obliging hosts.

One day of this trip was dedicated to Alpha Estate in Amyntaio.

Alpha Wines are ranked among my favorites and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the facilities of the winery. Mr. Aggelos Iatridis, the owner of Alpha Estate gave us an amazing tour through this high-tech wine-making establishment and I am certain to tell that great wine doesn’t happen by accident!

Brilliant technical mastery meets great passion and the result is, in my opinion, the creation of some of the best wines in Greece. This beautiful tour ended with a luscious wine tasting experience, as we had the chance to taste some quite special and rare labels.

To cut the long story short, I found Prespes a destination everyone should visit. We savoured incredibly tasty dishes (the quality of the raw materials is exceptional), the savoir faire of the residents was remarkable and there are no words to describe the outstanding natural beauty.

My journey to Prespes was an amazing experience and I am sure I will be back there soon!

The Look

Dapper gentlemen want to be well dressed during their personal time.

The Norfolk jacket is considered to be the ultimate leisure garment. Being usually comfortable and warm, the Norfolk jacket is a great option, while it brings a relaxed, stylish and chill vibe to your appearance.

I will share with you briefly a few words about the Norfolk jacket, because really soon I will elaborate on this particular garment with a beautiful post dedicated on it.

The Norfolk jacket dates back in the 1860s and it was originally introduced by the 15th Duke of Norfolk, as a hunting coat. It had also be worn by Earl of Leiscester also known as Coke of Norfolk and Prince of Wales who later became George IV strictly reserved for country wear, for hunting and sporting activities and over the next decades it became a jacket ‘being especially suited for bicycling, business, fishing, pleasuring, and the moorland’ (Tailor and Cutter, April 1888).

Today, the Norfolk jacket is gaining more and more ground among sharp gentlemen, who want to look their best even during their leisure moments.

The particular jacket that I am wearing is made-to-measure by Christakis, and I am so happy to say that this house was the first to reintroduce the Norfolk Jacket to the Greek market.

To create the ideal voyager look, you may combine your Norfolk jacket with chinos or denim jeans, a turtleneck sweater or a denim shirt and a comfortable pair of boots.

When it comes to small but mighty accessories, statement sunglasses win. I prefer sunglasses that have character, that are a showstopper on their own as they can rock even the most basic outfits, with minimal effort.

Tartaras has a wide selection of sophisticated statement shades (most of them are actually handmade) and believe me or not there is no single person out there who hasn’t ask me where I got my sunglasses from! All three styles I am wearing on this trip are handmade Jacques Marimage and you may find them at Tartaras.

Get the Look

Norfolk Jacket, Chinos, Turtleneck Sweater & Denim Shirt by Christakis Athens | Handmade Sunglasses by Tartaras | Handmade Boots by Ioannis Karagiorgos

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