The truth is that I am more vintage than I am high fashion. I would prefer to live in the old times, where romance, elegant manners and sophistication were morals that obtained in the majority of people. Pure emotions, nobility, honest words and most of all love for arts, crafts, materials and quality.

A world that one couldn’t consume thoughtlessly. A world without mass production, trashy materials and sloppy creations. A world made of silk, paper, wood, cotton & genuine human relationships.

Sciamat_windowpane1 Sciamat_windowpane2

In my world, the modern dandy wears Sciamat, a brand that manages to create beauty without restriction. Quality, artistic, boheme, perfectly tailored with a retro accent, Sciamat garments are a natural reflection of their unique creativity.


The look
The black bespoke Sciamat windowpane suit of the modern dandy consists of a double breasted vest, two-pleated -totally handmade- trousers and a single breasted jacket. The windowpane pattern is at the top of the list of patterns. It is bold, yet elegant and powerful, yet classic. It might be the perfect pattern for multiple reasons. Firstly, the pattern adds a little something to your outfit and easily separates you from the crowd, without looking too loud. It is classy, creative and elegant. The windowpane pattern is definitely a bold statement.

Dandies love handmade, so I chose to wear a tie made by KYDOS. KYDOS ties are completely handmade, as there are cut and sown only by hand. The result is a lightweight, elegant and unique necktie made with extraordinary quality.

My look was completed by a premium quality white bespoke shirt by Bespoke Athens and a pair of bespoke leather Oxford shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos.


People who preserve quality in everything they do are distinguished from respect.

“You should put on the best version of yourself when you go out in the world because that is a show of respect to the other people around you.” – Tom Ford


Bespoke Suit Sciamat

Bespoke Shirt Bespoke Athens

Handmade Tie KYDOS

Bespoke Shoes Ioannis Karagiorgos

Photography MaRaDinn.Photography.Art

In Athens, you may find any garment that I am wearing in Bespoke Athens.

Read more about Sciamat : Sciamat, a whole new experience in bespoke tailoring

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