Photography: Thanos Asfis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Who can say no to the iconic blue suit?

Bespoke Athens has created its new window displays for Summer and we had the chance to discuss about the blue suit, the most versatile option out there!

The Blue Suit

A necessity for all men, the blue suit is a welcomed change from the standard monotony of black, as it adds a splash of colour to the wardrobe.

Blue suits provide effortless timelessness with a twist in almost any setting, as they are is suitable for both corporate and cocktail attire, for a night out or even formal settings.

Perfect for warm weather and as being both versatile and stylish, it is definitely a bold statement.

When it comes to wearing a blue suit, proper styling and modernised fit are essential to perfect, memorable blue looks. When styled with a crisp white shirt, it radiates refined aesthetic that beyond any doubt stands out.

The Dynamic Blue Suit & Black Tie Combo

Blue suits require a bit more delicacy when it comes to picking a tie.

A blue suit with a black tie is not the most classic combination, but if it’s done right it creates a powerful and dynamic result that cannot be unnoticed.

A black tie as being dark and conservative adds a dramatic touch to the outfit and when styled with a crisp, perfectly tailored white shirt it provides a clean, severe and sharp result.

The fabric of the tie is important and you should stay away from satin and silk options. A textured solid black tie like a grenadine is particularly chic, providing a flowing and stylish effect.

The Look

The stylish blue suit is handmade by Sciamat, an utterly poetic sartorial fashion house.

Sciamat are represented in Greece by their official retailer, Vassilis Bourtsalas, the owner of Bespoke Athens.

The people behind Sciamat, Nicola and Valentino Ricci, do not just make beautiful clothes. They create poetry. They create clothes that are whimsical, confident, sexy and they manage to travel you through time…  To an era of elegant manners, morality, sophistication and most of all love for arts, crafts, materials and quality.

A Sciamat jacket could be recognised from thousands due to the unique tailoring. Their British-Italian style jacket with the high collar, the wide lapel, the bold breast and the delicate waist looks gracious and majestic, yet artistic, boheme and rock.

The blue suit that I am presenting you today is made of tonic mohair, specially treated and washed to balance roughness. The jacket is totally unlined and uncanvased, as Sciamat’s main aim is liberation through the freedom of movement. They manage to create beauty without restriction. There is no padding, in any of their clothing and upon customer request they even completely avoid use of canvas. They have managed to remove all structural elements by the use of innovative cut and by forming, stretching and shaping the fabric. The result is a super-light, comfortable, yet stylish and luxurious garment.

The blue suit is beautifully highlighted by a beautiful black 3-fold handmade in Italy tie manufactured for Bespoke Athens, a  crisp white shirt, a black hand-rolled pocket square and a gorgeous pair of black Oxfords.

Get The Look

Suit by Bespoke Athens  |  Shirt by Christakis  |  Handmade Grenadine Tie by Bespoke Athens  |  Pocket Square by Bespoke Athens  |  Bespoke Shoes Ioannis Karagiorgos  |  Vintage Watch by Vulcain


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