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Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Monday, February 18th has been all about a fine coterie of guests who gathered at Charlie D. Brasserie of the Excelsior Hotel in Thessaloniki to enjoy a VIP soiree dedicated to sophisticated gentlemen and haute couture, powered by Volvo Greece.

Michail Androulidakis, the founder of It’s a MAN’s Class and classic gentlemen’s style ambassador, introduced Mr. Konstantinos Theofanides, maitre of artisanal shoemaking. Exquisite leatherwork, timeless design, and exceptional forms combined sheer luxury to seamlessly create beautiful footwear for the discerning gentleman.

Signature style and exceptional tailoring were celebrated by Kourlas Athens, the House synonymous to refined suiting, renowned for its preeminent design, high caliber materials and subversive sartorialist ethos, that couture heritage gentlemen’s attire and blur the boundaries between function and fashion.

Esteemed guests had the opportunity to embrace and get cognizant with the core values behind footwear craftsmanship and tailoring through constructive dialogue with the designers and creators indulging in artisanal Glenfiddich signature punches.

With a commitment to support innovative achievement, Volvo Greece, who has been delivering pioneering innovations that put people first, building on quality, safety and care for the environment since 1927, embraced the event, safely transporting us in leading-edge style.

The setup at The Excelsior Hotel
Kwnstantinos Theofanidis Shoes
Panos Kourlas
Kwnstantinos Theofanidis
Michail G. Aandroulidakis
Watch by Breitling
Kourlas Athens
Michail G. Androulidakis. Total Outfit by Kourlas Athens
Watch by Breitling
Yiannis Lagonas, founder of Plus More 360 with Michail G. Androulidakis
Yiannis Lagonas, founder of Plus More 360 with Michail G. Androulidakis
Yiannis Lagonas, Panos Kourlas, Kwnstantinos Theofanidis, Michail G. Androulidakis

Panos Kourlas & Michail G. Androulidakis
Our guests indulged in artisanal Glenfiddich signature punches
Michail G. Androulidakis, Panos Kourlas & Kwnstantinos Theofanidis with Volvo XC90 by Volvo Greece
Michail G. Androulidakis with Volvo XC90 by Volvo Greece
Kwnstantinos Theofanidis testing the dynamic Volvo XC90

Michail G. Androulidakis, Alexandros Kostiroglou Marketing & PR Manager at Volvo Greece, Kwnstantinos Theofanidis, Panos Kourlas
The effortlessly luxurious Volvo XC90 by Volvo Greece
Katerina Theocharis, co-founder of It’s a MAN’s Class

Petra Kourlas
Christos Kyroglou of Volvo Greece

Giotis Angelidis, Reserve Brand Ambassador of Diageo
Minas Kosmidis, Architect
Alexandros Kostiroglou, Christos and Anestis Papadopoulos
Panos Kourlas
Christos Kyroglou & Panos Kourlas
Angeliki Moscandreou, lawyer & Yiannis Lagonas

Stavroula Kleidaria, Editor-at-Large at
Georges Abou Chabke, founder of Decoventure, testing Volvo XC90



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