Editor: Katerina Theocharis

Photography: Thanos Asfis

Looking for an alternative to charcoal, grey and navy suits? We’ve got your back!

The brown suit is not a formal option as it is suitable for business wear and social wear. Rich, sharp and versatile it will proudly accompany you everyday anywhere-anytime!

Being quite popular over the last few years, the brown suit is a stylish and appealing option. On modern brown suits success rides on the fit, as they stand out from our grandpa’s old-fashioned attire!

During fall and winter months darker shades of brown, like chocolate, are more popular, while during summer we usually prefer lighter shades, like cream and beige. Brown flatters men with dark skin and hair, so all you brunettes should definitely give it a try!

Brown, as all neutral colors, can be paired with almost any shirt and tie combination and can still preserve its crispness, simplicity and elegance.

The Look

The three-piece TAILOR brown suit that I am wearing is made of Loro Piana silk air fabric. Its fit is quite flattering, while the fabric’s texture adds a little more something to my outfit.

Brown goes well with almost any color, but looks best with shades of blue and green (maroon, teal, navy).

So, on today’s post, wanting to break up the monotony, I reached for a subtle light blue striped shirt with contrasting white round collar combined with a modern paisley tie with green and blue details that added an extra sharp and stylish vibe to my outfit.

Regarding the shoes, brown suits could look good with almost anything, from sneakers to dressier shoes. A pair of monk strap shoes gives edge without going too casual, while adding sleek sophistication.

Get The Look

Total look by TAILOR | Bespoke Monk Strap Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos | Watch by Longines | Volvo XC90 by Volvo Car Greece

Special thanks to I.O.BO.Π for the hospitality, as well as to all beautiful horses.

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December 15, 2018
Dear Mr. Michail, Nice suit and combination. Though of decent quality, Tailor jackets seem to be very short according to the measurements provided in the e-shop (e.g., 71 cm for size 50). Is this so? Can you please provide your size for RTW jackets? Yours faithfully.