Photography: Thanos Asfis

Editor: Katerina Theocharis

When horsepower and excuisite performance meet classic design, you get an impeccable sports car that makes your heart pop!

As sexy as it gets, the Boxter 718 is definitely a car that cannot be ignored. Being classic, yet muscular and athletic, this car has the ideal combination of class and modernisation.
Utterly charming and vigorous, I really I cannot help myself but admitting, that Boxter 718 stole my heart.

The Driving Experience

The Boxter 718 is fast. Really fast.

The moment you step on the gas of Porsche Boxter 718 you experience a strong, grounded chassis, but on the same time the body feels light and the movement is soft and effortless.

The 300hp on the 2.0-litre engine definitely make the difference and excite you every time you hit the gas. And the sound… oh, that sweet sound of a Porsche that takes you to cloud nine!

The Design

The Boxter 718 is a stunner.

Being curvy and effortlessly appealing, the Porsche Boxter 718 oozes natural sexiness. Maybe, it is its high-octane character, or maybe the smooth lines that synthesise a powerful, bold look. Whatever it is, the Boxter 718 radiates charm, confidence and power, in every single aspect.

The interior is appealing, quality and refined with lavish technological features, fine materials and finishes. The driving position, visibility, steering wheel size and pedals are all just perfect. Besides, Porsche is a past master at stuff like that.

It is an open secret that nobody picks a two-seated Porsche for its practicality or its spaces.
It is its charm and the feeling of freedom it provides that makes the Porsche Boxter 718 always own a special place in your heart.

Get The Look

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