I couldn’t be more excited than presenting you today’s editorial. An editorial about pure elegance, fine art, genuine feelings and never ending passion, presented through the prism of haute couture for gentlemen.


Sciamat, an Italian brand created by Valentino and Nicola Ricci, triggered the great evolution of Pitti Uomo. Sciamat completely changed the way modern “dandies” used to dress, creating a whole new generation of bloggers, tailors and dressers who love sartorial look.

Two weeks ago, I had the honor to meet both of them and wear their exquisite bespoke clothes, occasioned by the exclusive trunk show that “Bespoke Athens” arranged for them in Athens, Greece.

The founder of “Bespoke Athens” Vassilis Bourtsalas, first met Valentino in Pitti Uomo about 10 years ago. As evolving in parallel, Bespoke Athens became the first retailer of Sciamat in Greece. Vassilis Bourtsalas, a person with a great culture in men’s tailoring and high fashion, but most of all with the vision to initiate Greece into the worldwide circuit of haute couture for gentlemen, recognized Sciamat’s singularity straight away. Therefore, he became part of their development as a businessman, but most of all as a true and loyal friend.

The brandname Sciamat is provoking. It is translated from the Persian “sha-mat”, which means “the king is dead” and alludes to their revolutionary vein.

Valentino and Nicola Ricci deeply respect and adore handmade, therefore they are dedicated to bespoke tailoring. A Sciamat jacket could be recognized from thousands due to the unique tailoring. Their British-Italian style jacket with the high collar, the wide lapel, the bold breast and the delicate waist looks gracious and majestic, yet artistic, boheme and rock.

Sciamat’s main aim is liberation through the freedom of movement. They manage to create beauty without restriction. There is no padding, in any of their clothing and upon customer request they even completely avoid use of canvas. They have managed to remove all structural elements by the use of innovative cut and by forming, stretching and shaping the fabric. The result is a super-light, comfortable, yet stylish and luxurious garment. A natural reflection of their unique creativity.

Today, I am presenting you one of my favourite looks by Sciamat. I am wearing a single breasted jacket with curved lapel, a double breasted vest in pied-de-poul pattern and a prince de galles overcoat, all made by an extremely heavy cloth, that only Sciamat could manage to make it feel so light, while creating a gorgeous drape. My tie & shirt are handmade by Bespoke Athens and the exquisite handmade shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos. Gorgeous cane by Sawaine Adeney Brigg.

sciamat_2 sciamat_3 sciamat_4 sciamat_5 sciamat_6 sciamat_7 sciamat_8 sciamat_9

You can order your own Sciamat clothing item at their official retailer in Greece, Bespoke Athens, Anagnostopoulou 15-17, Kolonaki.


Bespoke Overcoat Sciamat

Bespoke Jacket Sciamat

Bespoke Vest Sciamat

Bespoke Shirt Bespoke Athens

Handmade tie Bespoke Athens

Bespoke Shoes Ioannis Karagiorgos

Cane by Swaine Adeney Brigg

Photography MaRaDinn.photography.art

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